Seminar Held in Bangor on Senior Financial Fraud Awareness 

Many experts say the crime of the 21st century is financial fraud and exploitation of the elderly.A seminar was held at the Spectacular Events Center in Bangor Tuesday to raise awareness and to offer prevention advice.The Eastern Area Agency On Aging held a seminar with presentations from different organizations, including the State of Maine Office of Securities.It was all about learning the signs of an investment scam and understanding the dynamics of financial abuse and exploitation.With Maine being the oldest state in the nation, the estimated number of victims is rising.”The Department of Justice estimates that this year alone, over 33,000 Mainers will be exploited or abused. 33,000, but only a fraction of those seniors will actually report the abuse,” said Alyson Cummings, Investor Education Manager for the State of Maine Office of Securities.If you’d like more information about financial elder abuse, you can call the State of Maine Office of Securities at 1-877-624-8551.