Coastal Food and Farms Recieves First Blueberry Shipment 

A new business is open in Belfast, and it’s providing a link between food growers and buyers.A significant amount of time and effort goes into starting a business. So when things finally start to come together, it’s pretty exciting for all of those involved. “When the first blueberries started coming in, it was like everyone was running around, all the electricians and plumbers saying, ‘The berries are here, the berries are here!'”The first batch of blueberries arrived at Coastal Foods and Farms in Belfast a couple weeks ago. The workers take those blueberries, process them, then store them. They arrive by the truckload. “They will be dumped into the tote over there and they’ll go up over the conveyer. They’ll get shaken so all the stems and leaves come off. Then they’ll be washed and shaken some more for drying then they’ll go up the conveyer belt to the IQF. They’ll go through the IQF and be frozen.”IQF stands for individually quick frozen. In just three minutes, that machine will freeze the berries, so they can be put into 11-hundred pound capacity cardboard boxes, then stored.”We provide a service to the grower and user of the product.”Belfast City Councilor and longtime farmer Jan Anderson partnered with a blueberry processing pro and a local businessman to create Coastal Foods and Farms.”I’ve always thought that food processing and food storage would be a great economic development plan. It’s something that people always have to buy.”Coastal Foods and Farms will also process cranberries during their season. And there’s a whole other part of the business dedicated to helping local food entrepreneurs grow their business.Though this business has only just become operational, Coastal Foods and Farms already has plans to grow.