Cookout Brings Smiles to Downeast Horizons Families 

Boat rides, karaoke, coloring, burgers were all on the menu Thursday at a camp in Dedham. It was a day of fun for people involved in Downeast Horizons. One ingredient makes this cookout complete. It’s not the burgers, or the salad. ” The smiles on their faces are just priceless,” said Tomy Zambrano, executive director of Downeast Horizons. More than 100 members of Downeast Horizons are spending the day at Camp CaPella in Dedham. ” They have challenges that they face every day. From taking care of themselves, to just surviving. Today, it’s all about enjoying life,” said Zambrano. ” Life is hard for some of these folks, it’s just hard, and we don’t realize that. When they come here, all that goes away,” added Dana Mosher, executive director of Camp CaPella. For kids and adults with developmental disabilities, the camp is a welcome retreat. ” Camp CaPella is an awesome place,” said Tia Springer, a Downeast Horizons participant. ” I love it out here. I love the people around here,” added Kenneth Pelkey, another Downeast Horizons participant. It gives parents a chance to unwind, too. ” They’re here to have fun, nobody to pressure them and it’s so exciting in your heart to see this,” said Robert Pelkey, Sr., Kenneth’s dad. ” As a parent it’s really great to be able to send your child to a place like this,” added Emmett Butts, Tia’s dad. ” I’ve seen his self esteem rise like I have never,” said John Pelkey, Kenneth’s mom. There are some cookouts you might not care if you ever went to again, but this definitely isn’t one of them. ” Just try it, you may like it,” said Springer. ” You’ll end up coming back, ” added Butts. ” Come out here, have fun, and enjoy yourself. You’ll have a lot of fun out here,” said Kenneth Pelkey. For more information on Camp CaPella, click here. If you’d like to learn more about Downeast Horizons, click here.