Jackson Couple Celebrates 70th Anniversary 

A couple in Jackson is celebrating a big wedding anniversary this week.They’ve been together seventy years.At 92 and 91 years old, Phyllis and Clifton Grant have quite a few blessings to count.”I loved him from the start, I guess. He was pretty good looking, too.”The first starts with their marriage in 1942.”It doesn’t seem as though it’s been that long.”Followed by everything in between then and now.”I kept wondering, you know, which one of us is going to kick the bucket, but we haven’t.”The two have survived kids and family quarrels.”We didn’t have any knock down drag out, you know. It might have felt like it sometimes. Yeah.”Along with the draft during world war two.”We were married in September and we left January 2 or 1st. Can’t remember which one it was, 1st or 2nd. Yeah, it was tough, very tough.”At last count, they have six grandkids, five great grandkids and seventy years of marriage behind them, come September 7th, but Clifton could only muster one piece of advice for young couples just starting out.”I don’t know. Just get along, that’s all, you know, like we do. We argue like people do, but we still get along alight.” He’d rather just let the numbers speak for themselves.”You wouldn’t be together seventy years if you didn’t. So, what more can I tell ya?On Sunday the Grants will celebrate their milestone with an open house at their home in Jackson.Family and friends are invited to stop by from 1:00 – 3:00 that afternoon.