Bangor City Council Holds Meeting Regarding Graffiti 

The Bangor City Council held a special meeting Wednesday night.They held a Government Operations Meeting specifically geared toward the graffiti problem in town.Folks from around the community were invited to attend.Councilors heard many different points of view on the subject.Business owners and maintenance crew who have dealt with costly repairs due to tagging and graffiti spoke up about their frustrations.Many suggested possible locations in town that could be space for street artists to paint freely.A possible raise in graffiti vandalism fines, which currently is around $20, was discussed.Community service for offenders was also talked about.Councilors hope that making this a community effort will create the best solution to the problem.”If we can get together as a community and help find a real solution to this, whether it be in our ordinance books, or just everyone looking out for each other, a community decision is better than one just made here, and I’m hopeful that’s what will happen,” said Bangor City Councilor Charlie Longo.After hearing from the public, councilors plan on taking the feed-back heard during come up with a possible course of action.They plan on holding another meeting within a few months.