Seniors in Bangor Enjoy Labor Day Barbeque 

Seniors in Bangor enjoyed a Labor Day barbeque on Monday.Hot dogs, hamburgers and barbeque chicken were on the lunch menu at Sunbury Village.It was a special meal for the residents, but it was also open to other local seniors, some of whom may be considering making a permanent move to sunbury.”It’s important that we give back to the community. There’s a lot of seniors that don’t have any place to go and we want to open it up to the community, invite them in, so they can share our lunch, our barbeque with our residents and our residents like having guests,” said Alice Ramsay, Director at Sunbury Village.Diana Wellington of Carmel came to visit during the barbeque. She said, “We just wanted to check it out because we’re getting older and it’s hard to take care of a home, so we just wanted to see about everything.”After lunch, seniors enjoyed music by a jazz band.