Residents Seeking Home for Stray Dog in Jackson 

A stray dog in Jackson is keeping some local residents busy.Folks in Dixmont and Jackson noticed a dog wandering along Route 7 last week, and they’ve spent the last few days trying to coax her out of the nearby woods with food and water.The neighbors believe she was left abandoned on the side of the road by her owner.”Doesn’t feel right. I mean, I don’t know why anybody would even think of doing something like that. I mean, it’s an animal. It doesn’t deserve to be treated like trash, thrown out when it’s not being used,” said Kris Duquette, who has been looking for the dog since Friday.Duquette said she is about 70 lbs. and looks like a Mastiff, with a black face and tan body.Anyone who spots her is asked to call Jackson’s animal control officer at 722-3205.