Brewer Freshmen Come Together for Team-Building in Eddington 

Many would agree, starting high school can be difficult. So, teachers and staff at Brewer High School decided to try to make the transition a little easier and make it a team effort.(David Wall/principal)”We wanted to have these students have a chance to so some team building, some team bonding, some group activity, maybe build some relationships between them,” said Brewer High School Principal, David Wall.They brought students out to Camp Roosevelt, where they got the chance to work together and with their new teachers.”We also wanted this to be a time where they could interact with their teachers outside of the classroom,” said Wall.Students worked together on their new fight song, battled out tug-of-war style, and they even helped each other make it over a pretty tall rope-wall.(reg Ruhlin/ math teacher)”We all agree, educators in general, that this year, the ninth grade is the year is the most important year of high school. It’s make or break, some people transition successfully, no big deal, others have a hard time going from middle school to high school, so if we can help more students be successful in their ninth grade year, then statistically way more are going to be successful for the next three years,” said Brewer High School Math Teacher, Reg Ruhlin.The nearly 200 freshman at the team-building day seem to be working together well.”I’ve made quite a few friends today.””Since we’ve been working together now, I feel like I could be their friends, because we’ve met each other, we’re working together. So I think it’s how you build friendships.”Teachers and staff hope that the lessons learned out here can set up the new class for success for a long time to come.”This is the year that we’re really going to be able to implement some things that are really going to make some positive changes,” said Wall.