Windsor Fair Honors Veterans 

The Windsor Fair is in full swing.Thursday was all about paying tribute to our veterans.Rob Poindexter reports.It looks like a typical day at the Windsor Fair, but this day was all about veterans. They took center stage at the 16th Annual Veterans’ Remembrance Ceremony.Organizers point out that at events like these, typically it’s veterans honoring veterans.”I think it’s because you’re a veteran, you feel a brotherhood with the rest of the veterans.”Richard wymam, himself a US Navy vet, has been organizing this event for the past five years. Over that time, he’s happy to have seen the crowd double in size.”We should not forget our veterans. They’re the ones who let us be here today.”The day also served as a way to inform veterans about key issues facing them in Maine. Congressman Mike Michaud was on-hand to answer their questions.”I don’t judge as far as how we’re taking care of our veterans by the huge increase we see in overall funding. I judge by the act of are we taking care of our veterans, and if we’re not, we need to do more.”One of the areas in which Michaud says more work needs to be done is the number of combat vets coming home with PTSD. Staffing has been increased at VA hospitals but Michaud says that’s only a start.”We have a long way to go. I know a General told me they’re doing enough and they don’t need additional resources, but after that following January after I met with him, the increase in the active military suicide rate we’re not taking care of them.”Rob Poindexter, WABI TV-5 News, Windsor.