10-Year-Old Girl Charged with Manslaughter in Death of Baby from Clinton 

Catherine Pegram

State Police have charged a ten-year-old girl with manslaughter in connection with the death of a 3-month-old baby from Clinton. The girl, whose name can not be released by police, is charged with the death of Brooklyn Foss-Greenaway. She died July 8th after being babysat at a home in Fairfield. Police say a babysitter called police to report that the infant was not breathing, but police declined to say Thursday if the 10-year-old was the sitter. State Police detectives have investigated the death since that time and the decision on charging the girl was made after consulting with the Attorney General’s Office. The death was declared a homicide Wednesday, but additional details are being withheld as the State Medical Examiner’s Office continues to work on the case.The baby’s mother, Nicole Greenaway of Clinton, says authorities told her the baby had ingested medication used for attention-deficit disorder and been suffocated. She also says she saw bruises on her daughter’s body.The ten-year-old is now in the custody of the Maine Department of Health and Human Services. Public Safety spokesman Steve McCausland says the girl is the youngest person in Maine to be charged with manslaughter in at least 25 years.McCausland says the child’s attorney, John Martin of Skowhegan, was served Thursday afternoon with a court summons for Skowhegan District Court on October 22 for the girl’s first court appearance.