Death Of Clinton Infant Being Called A Homicide 

Maine State Police are now calling the death of an infant in Fairfield last month a homicide.The baby died while in the care of a babysitter.On the night of July 7th, paramedics were called to a Fairfield home where 3-month-old Brooklyn Foss-Greenaway was found unresponsive and not breathing. The baby later died at a local hospital. State Police are called in to investigate anytime a child under the age of 3 dies. “In this case there was some warning signs that we thought very early on,” said Department of Public Safety Spokesman Steve McCausland. “The medical examiners have confirmed that and obviously the case now has been declared a homicide.” State Police are releasing very few details surrounding the death of little Brooklyn. “All we’re saying at this point is a homicide,” McCausland said. “The cause of death is being withheld as the medical examiner continue to work on that aspect.”The baby’s mother, Nicole Greenaway of Clinton, told police she left her daughter with 30-year-old Amanda Huard of Fairfield, a friend and co-worker. Sometime during the course of that night, someone in the house found the baby not breathing. The morning after, this was posted on Huard’s Facebook. “My friend’s three month old daughter stopped breathing in her sleep last night. I’m devastated that I didn’t realize it soon enough for the CPR to work.” Meanwhile, on the mother’s Facebook page, it is claimed someone who was in the house that night is responsible for her daughter’s death. “Brooklyn Grace Foss-Greenaway we miss you and we love you so much. We will get justice for you.””Obviously, we have grieving parents which is perfectly understandable,” McCausland said. “We have been trying to work with them and get the answers we need to move this case forward.”State Police will only say that so far everyone has been cooperative and their investigation continues. “Without specifically mentioning who we have talked to and we haven’t, we’ve talked to a number of people, gathered a great deal of information,” McCausland said. “We’re obviously working with the medical examiner on that aspect of the case, and now we move forward with more work to do as we find the answers as to why this little girl died.”We tried to contact Nicole Greenaway, but as of now she has not returned our calls.