Bangor Housing Authority Hosts Neighborhood Block Party at Downeast School 

Some say the last days of summer can be the best time of year.No one would argue that here at the Downeast School Grounds in Bangor.They’re holding an end of summer block party.”We have a large neighborhood here with a lot of kids and we just wanted to give them an opportunity to have some fun,” said Mike Myatt, the Bangor Housing Authority Executive Director.There was fun that kids of all ages could enjoy at the block party, including a water slide, bounce houses, baseball and a dunk tank.”Just trying to end the summer on a good note and have a little fun before kids have to get serious again and go back to school,” said Myatt.That’s pretty easy to do with things like waterslides.”I like it cause when we slide down the slide and splash it’s awesome!”And bounce houses.”It was so fun.””We kept going over and over again.”There were even horses.”There’s horses and wagon rides, which is kind of neat to see a horse and wagon ride through Capeheart, but it happens once a year,” said Myatt.And, why not send the summer off in style?”It’s just so much fun. They’re just kids being kids and having a good time, so I think they get a lot out of it and we’re glad that they’re having fun,” said Myatt.