String Of Crimes In Howland Prompts Safety Concerns Among Residents 

Two men were brutal beaten in Howland earlier this month and residents there say that was just one incident in a string of crimes that have happened recently in town.Tuesday night, a public meeting was held to talk about the community’s concerns.The meeting started out at the Town Hall, but so many people ended up coming, that the meeting had to be moved over to the Hichborn Middle School.Penobscot County Sheriff Glenn Ross and a couple of troopers from the Maine State Police were on hand to answer any questions.Among the suggestions, putting a curfew in place for kids and possibly making some adjustments to officer patrol times.Many residents we spoke with at the meeting all seem to agree on one thing…Howland has changed.Resident Debora Dube says “You know this was a nice quiet town and now people need to lock their doors and windows and be afraid of people coming in your house, you know it’s scary.”About 200 people showed up for the meeting.