Apple Season Has Arrived in Maine 

You might think that apple season is starting early this year, but at Maine-ly Apples in Dixmont, they say it’s right on time.”The trees have their own clocks, so they say, ‘Okay, we’re going to start getting ready to have these apples ready to pick and eat,'” said Co-owner John Olsen.He said his orchard has 1,650 trees growing 40 different varieties of apples.”We have some of the old standbys like Mcintosh and Cortlands and Golden Delicious, but we also have planted Honey Crisps and Sansas and Zestars and Snow Sweets and these new modern apples that people really are looking for,” said Olsen.Not all of those 40 varieties are ready yet. Some of them peak early in the season and some peak a little later. On September 1, you can start picking your own at Maine-ly Apples, but the real kick off to the season is Maine Apple Sunday on September 9.”If you want a good overlap, I would say for Maine Apple Sunday on until like Columbus Day, then you’re going to have a wide variety of apples that you can pick and a wide variety of apples that we have in the store,” said Olsen.Because they have so many different kinds, they encourage folks to visit more than once. Olsen said all 40 varieties are looking good this season.