Filmmaker Premieres Adaptation of Stephen King’s “Survivor Type” in Bangor 

Filmmaker and Maine native Billy Hanson took Stephen King’s short story Survivor Type and brought it to life on screen. Hanson said, “It’s about a man who finds himself stranded on an island with no food and only a few supplies and has to go to great lengths to keep himself alive for rescue that may or may not come.”Hanson said he’s always been a big Stephen King fan, so he was happy to put his spin on King’s story.”It’s something that I’ve always wanted to do is work with that quality of material, basically with a story that is so original and so striking that I think it’s going to be something that people will remember,” said Hanson.An audience in Bangor was the first to see it on the big screen. Stephen King’s WZON helped bring the film to the Penobscot Theatre for its world premiere on Sunday.”I literally can not think of a better place to screen this thing first. Not only is it Stephen King’s hometown, but I think all the people coming here tonight are true King fans and are going to be familiar with the material so they’re going to be excited about it,” said Hanson.Actor Gideon Emery starred in the film and joined Hanson at the premiere in Bangor.Before the premiere he said, “I’ve seen a rough cut. I haven’t seen it finished yet, so I’ll be a little bit of an audience member too.”Afterwards, there was an question and answer session with audience members. Hanson was excited to hear what they thought, but he and his film have already received high praise from King himself.”He said that we did a great job with it and his exact quote was, ‘It’s next to brilliant,” which I mean, I feel I can die a happy man now,” said Hanson.