Husson University Students Help Clean Up Bangor 

While some students are enjoying these last weeks of Summer, some are out volunteering.The Resident Assistants at Husson University came out to do trail repairs on the Northeast Penjajawoc Preserve. Students used this time to fulfill their community service requirement as well as bond with fellow Ra’s. The volunteer work also helps new students learn more about the area.Coordinator of Student Life at Husson University, Alicia Rea, said “They’re here for four years on the campus in Bangor so we really want them to learn something about the area and about themselves while they do it and these wonderful, energetic, community-minded young people came out and did it, it was fantastic.”The work included moving about a half ton of rocks to fill the mud holes that have developed along the trail.There’s always plenty of work to be done. To find out more about how you can help, visit