Fifth Annual Bangor Walk to Defeat ALS 

This group came together with one thing in common: Defeat ALS.Commonly referred to as Lou Gherig’s disease, has affected them all…..And for five years now, the Bangor Walk to Defeat ALS has brought people in the community together affected by the disease.”I don’t know numbers, but I know every year more and more people have been here at the walk and that just leads me believe more and more people are affected, whether it’s a family member or friend someone at work, it touches them, as it seems to touch everybody, so it’s nice that we can come together here.”Like Heidi Klenowski, who’s husband lost both of his parents to the potentially genetic disease.”We’re hoping that my husband and sister in law and my two sons and my two nieces aren’t a statistic of the 50/50 chance of having it from their grandfather and grandmother,” said Klenowski.Two members are Avis Jenkins and Cathey Gourley, who both lost a loved one to ALS.”My father in law, Kathy’s father Phil died in 2002 of ALS,” said Jenkins.They, like many in trying to promote ALS awareness, are struck by the growing number of people being diagnosed with the disease.”Every time you turn around there’s someone. There’s someone new. And young people, it affects a lot of young people.”Their goal is to raise fifty thousand dollars to benefit local ALS research. So far, they’ve raised nearly thirty thousand dollars and working together has proven to be beneficial to many within this community.”I think it’s a unity thing. I really think there are connections formed and I think that walking together and feeling like you’re really taking a step forward to help defeat ALS.”