2012 Amercian Folk Festival Welcomes People Down on the Bangor Waterfront 

For ten years now, people have been gathering together on the waterfront in bangor for a weekend of fun. and it’s name really says it all. The Folk Festival is just that: A festival for people looking to enjoy the talents and company of others. You never know who you might run into either. You might see Elizabeth Sauls. She came all the way from Asheville, North Carolina. “I’ve always wanted to come to this festival. Our great grandfather bought land here in 1901 so we have family roots in Maine and we play old time appalachian music. I’ve just always wanted to come here, so we’re finally here,” said Sauls.Or, you could run into Heather Carter, who just moved to Old Town.”This is my first time at the festival. Having a good time. a lot of food, I’m excited to hear the music. I heard that it’s a really cultural event. Should be really cool. I’m excited,” said Carter.If you’ve been coming since the beginning, you may have walked past David Grant and Tina Haluska. They’ve come down every year.”The festival is always a treat. I look forward to coming every summer. I have three days of relaxation listening to music, eating and seeing folks that maybe I haven’t seen in 3, 4, 5 years,” said Haluska.”We really just like bumping into the people that we’ve known for a long time,” said Grant.And it looks like the tenth year of the event will be another great one, filled with fun for all of the folks.