30 Kids Shop for School Supplies 

School supplies can be expensive, and for some families, it’s just not in the budget. Back-to-school shopping got a little easier for some people in Bangor. It’s not your typical shopping spree. ” My mom really couldn’t, wasn’t able to afford stuff for us, so she thought that going to the Salvation Army would really work, and, well, it did,” said Jordan Miranda, a soon-to-be 3rd grader. Thirty kids from the Bangor area are getting school supplies thanks to the Salvation Army and Target. ” Just their smiles on their faces. They’re getting all this stuff that they may not be able to get to have, so it’s really great to see them getting all these things, and it’s really nice to be able to do that for them,” said Matthew Render, member of Target’s executive team. Each child gets an $80 gift card and a volunteer to help them with the shopping. ” If it wasn’t for him, I woulda been everywhere just trying to find everything,” explained Miranda with a smile. Bangor’s Salvation Army has been taking part in the program for three years now. Captain Tim Clark says this time of year can be tough on families. ” If they’re gonna buy the extras that they need for school then they might have to cut back on their food budget or they may have to cut back on other things,” said Clark. The kids quickly filled up their baskets. ” I got two shirts and binders,” said Brianna Dow, a soon-to-be 6th grader. ” I got sneakers,” added Rebecca Wood, who will be in 6th grade. ” My jeans and my shirts,” said Brandon Morris, who is going into 7th grade. ” A pencil case and my lunchbox and some shoes,” explained Miranda, who said those were his favorite items. More than 12,000 kids nationwide received the $80 cards from Target to purchase school supplies.