Residents Turnout For Downtown Bangor Discussion 

About a 100 people packed the Penobscot Theatre Wednesday, not to check out a show, but to talk about Downtown Bangor.It was the first town hall event put on by the city and the Downtown Bangor Partnership.The event was a way for residents to voice their concerns and to ask questions about what’s going on in the downtown area.A Bangor police officer, the city manager, and the chairman for the Downtown Bangor Partnership all took turns answering questions from the crowd.Parking problems, bike paths, and the police department’s new downtown walking beat were just a couple of things that were brought up.Downtown Business owner Christopher Ruhlin says, “I’m feeling very enthusiastic. I think we have a lot of people interested in making Bangor art filled and vital.”City Councilor Ben Sprague talked about the meeting, saying “The take away was people still feel very good about downtown and I think we’re ready for the 2nd phase of the revival that’s been happening in downtown over the last 10 years.”Councilor Sprague says he hopes to have more town hall type meetings in the future to help continue the conversation about downtown Bangor.