Veazie Sewer District Superintendent Resigns 

The head of the Veazie Sewer District has resigned, at the same time the district is dealing with a $50,000 budget shortfall. The board of trustees accepted the resignation Monday night of Superintendent Gary Brooks. He turned it over to them earlier this month with a 30-day notice but the board voted to terminate him immediately. Brooks has been on the job for 23 years.Chairman of the board Rob Tomilson says trustees hoped Brooks would be able to help the district through its budget crisis. Tomilson says an audit early this month determined operating costs for the district are about $525,000 but revenue is running about $50,000 short of that. The district also has a more than $100,000 debt payment due on October 1st. Tomilson say the district is trying to find ways to get the money for that bill, including asking the town for an annual payment two months earlier than usual.Tomilison says, for now, another operator at the district will take over the superintendent responsibilities.