Brewer Auction to Help Local Workers in Need at Thanksgiving 

Dozens of items are going on the auction block in Brewer Friday to help workers and families in need during the holidays.The organization Food AND Medicine is putting on the benefit. All of the money raised goes to the annual Solidarity Harvest, which provides locally produced foods to laid-off workers and their families at Thanksgiving. Last year’s auction helped about 550 families. This year organizers are aiming for 1,000. More than 120 items have been donated for the event – everything from hand crafted pieces to an autographed baseball from the Boston Red Sox. Organizer Ben Claeson says, “I think this auction is a really great way and people have been really inspired by the success that it’s had in terms of bringing food and healthy food to people who are in need and who otherwise wouldn’t get a meal. So i think they’ve really been inspired by that kind of program and they’ve been helping out any way they can.Food AND Medicine Board Member Loren Snow says, “It’s a great cause and it’s helping people who are struggling to survive. It could actually be a family member of yours, you never know.”The benefit auction is Friday, August 17th at 5 p.m at the Solidarity Center at 20 Ivers Street in Brewer.For more information, call 989-5860 and for a complete list if the auction items, log on to