State Senator Wants to Slow Down East-West Highway Study 

State Senator Doug Thomas of Ripley wants an east-west highway study to be put in park.The head of the Cianbro company, Peter Vigue, who’s pushing for the study, says he’ll support that, too – if that’s what state officials want.Thomas has asked the governor to suspend the study until the concerns of property owners can be further addressed.Thomas backs an east-west highway project but only if private land is not taken against the will of property owners.Vigue says many of the details of the project are still being worked out, such as the exact route of the highway, but he understands if transportation officials and lawmakers want to slow down the study until more information is available.He also reiterated that the tactic of taking property will not be used to build the road. Thomas is proposing a bill that would change Maine’s constitution and prevent the state from taking property for private projects through eminent domain.