Over 80 Boats Dock in Rockland for the Weekend 

A little rain didn’t stop people from coming out to celebrate the 10th Annual Boats and Harbor Show in Rockland on Saturday.The 2012 show featured more than eighty boats, including a fan favorite: a rebuilt, 1923 ship called “Adventuress.”Rockport Marine put 70,000 man hours into this project and organizers say the boat is heading to Europe to represent the high quality work that comes from Maine boat yards.An organizer of Maine Boats, Home and Harbor Show, John Hanson said, “The people that like to come to the show also do have boats and other activities. Competing with mother nature and great sun is difficult for us, but fog and a little bit of drizzle, that doesn’t scare any of our people away.”This year’s show also offered a new exhibit called “Under the Hood,” which showed the innards of a semi-completed boat.