Penobscot County Sheriff’s Office Teaches Seniors about Scams 

There has been a number of scams targeting senior citizens lately. Friday, the Sunbury Village and the Penobscot County Sheriff’s Office sat down with seniors to discuss how to stop it Chief Deputy Motorn spoke to a group of seniors in Bangor on what to look for and who to call if you think you’re being scammed.Recent scams have targeted veterans and callers posing as an utility company. With recent technology, many seniors, whether they live in a retirement community or not, have cell phones. Officials say this makes them an easy target for scam artists. If you think something is wrong, they say you should question it.Sunbury Village Community Sales Leader, Deborah Wisdom said, “Do you think it’s a scam? Call. Talk to someone. It give you an idea of exactly what is going on out there in the world, people are taking advantage of you or could be taking advantage of you.”Deputy Morton also says if someone asks for your social security number over the phone, be suspicious. If you’ve received a call that you believe may be part of a scam, call 911 to report it.