SFD in Dexter Celebrates National Health Center Week and New Dentist 

Sebasticook Family Doctors in Dexter is celebrating National Health Care Center Week.”It’s done every year in the month of August and it’s an opportunity for the communities to understand what an FQHC can do for them as well as the community,” said Robin Winslow, CEO of SFD.FQHCs, or federally qualified health centers, have been around for decades, acting as a safety net for communities.”For over 45 years for communities where patients have no insurance, they’re under insured, there’s that gap in between if they’re unemployed today, back to work tomorrow, we can help with those types of challenges,” said Winslow.One of the biggest challenges is something most find pretty ordinary: a trip to the dentist.”Dental is definitely the biggest challenge for patients and understanding how detrimental decayed teeth can be to your medical condition,” said Winslow.SFD is celebrating a new face in town, Dr. Adam Thompson. They held an open house to introduce the Utah native who went to school in Nova Scotia and had a certain job requirement.”I was going through the interview process and wanted a job where I could see patients regardless of their income,” said Thompson.Which isn’t as easy as you might think.”It’s a difficult thing to do in some fields of dentistry,” said Thompson.Coming to SFD let him do just that.”I’m available to everyone who comes through our doors. So, it’s a good opportunity for everyone,” said Thompson.Providing his services to the area is something this community has been waiting for.”People are appreciative to have the services that are offered in this office where they didn’t have it for so long. They’ve had to travel for hours just to see someone that would take them into their office,” said Thompson.Thompson hopes more dentists will follow in his footsteps for the other offices.”Expand our services, expand dentistry services in particular to our other facilities. As this health organization grows, we’ll see that eventually. So, I’m excited to be apart of that,” said Thompson.