Students Attend the Third Annual Brewer Public Safety Youth Academy 

Three years ago, brewer public safety officials had an idea to start a youth-based summer camp, different from typical summer programs.”We sat down and discussed that maybe we should start a public safety academy where we can bring in a number of young people grades 6-8 and expose them not only to the police side of things, but also the fire department side of things,” said the Brewer Police Chief, Perry Antone.The two week program gives students an inside look at public safety, like emergency medical services.”They’re in the classroom doing like first aid learning EMS and the type of work we do on ambulances,” said Brewer firefighter Erik Tourtillotte.One technique students get to learn is a sling and sway.”If you have a laceration or a cut on your arm it would sling it up to stop the bleeding,” said student Alex Reardon.Some students liked the academy so much, they’re back to learn more.”This is my third year doing it and it’s been fun every year, so I wanted to do it again.”If it’s what you want to be when you grow up…”When I’m older I want to be a police officer,” said student Arianna Geiser.It’s the perfect place to learn about what it takes to be a first responder, and get a chance to know folks who are already on the front lines.”It builds a great relationship with the young citizens, but it provides them also, maybe the insight to what the job really entails, and maybe it will spark an interest for future law enforcement officers and firefighters,” said Antone.And, it’s not such a bad way to spend a couple of weeks during the summer.”Obviously, I keep on coming back, so it’s awesome,” said Reardon.