USM’s President Officially Reassigned By Board Of Trustees 

It was an underwhelming end to a heated debate as former University of Southern Maine President, Selma Botman, was appointed to a new post by the University of Maine System Board of Trustees.Her new job title…Special Assistant to the Chancellor on Global Education.System Chancellor James Page explains, ” The U.S. is a great exporter of education and the public universities throughout the country have been engaged in that and frankly, Maine’s behind it’s peers.”But it’s a job that many believe Botman doesn’t deserve.She resigned last week following a pay raise controversy at USM.System Chancellor, James Page, says Botman’s reassignment is part of a bigger picture for the future of the University of Maine System.Page says, “It’s much larger issue than just one individual.”Botman will be paid $203,000 dollars…the same salary she received as President.Some university faculty wonder where all this money is coming from in a time where budget cuts are an ever present fear.While Page says reductions will be made, he maintains that it will not be a result of Botman’s reassignment.Page explains “There will be resources that free up as a result of this but it wont be a dollar for dollar assignment.”Botman will continue to work under her current contract, which expires next June.Page says at that time trustees will take a closer look and evaluate the situation…Dr. Theo Kalikow will take over as USM’s President.She was UMaine Farmington’s President for 18 years.