Two Prisoners Walk Away from Charleston Correctional Facility 

Authorities are searching for two inmates who escaped from the Charleston Correctional facility.They have been identified as Randall Moulton, 20 years old, of Bangor and Phillip Gardiner, 24 years old, of Belfast.A spokeswoman with the Maine Department of Corrections say the men walked away from the minimum security facility around 8 Sunday night.She says there is no fence around the perimeter.Authorities from state police, the Department of Corrections and Penobscot County Sheriff’s Office were searching the area around Pushaw Road in Glenburn Monday morning.A man working at a home on Pushaw Road tells us police showed up around 7:30 a.m. We’re told the residence is next door to the grandmother of one of the inmates.Officers asked the man if there were any children in the house, then told him to get inside.”About 20 minutes later, he came back and asked to search the premises,” says Joseph Coffin. “They came in with dogs and searched the place. And I heard him say that someone was seen up here about 20 minutes ago. He said a couple of people had taken off from him.”Randall Moulton is described as a white man, six feet tall, 180 pounds with brown hair and hazel eyes. He started his sentence in June for Burglary and Theft by Unauthorized Taking. He was due to be released in September of 2013.Phillip Gardiner is also described as a white man, five and a half feet tall with brown hair and blue eyes. He started his sentence in November of 2009 for Burglary, Robbery and Criminal Threatening. Gardiner was due to be released in November of 2014.The Charleston Correctional Facility houses prisoners with three years or less on their sentence and focuses on reintegrating prisoners back into society.