Missing Man from Machias Found After Surviving for Days in the Woods 

After surviving in the woods for several days, a missing man from Machias was found safe Friday night. The Maine Warden Service was notified on Friday that 51-year-old Greg Burns had been missing since July 2. The man who reported him missing said he had seen Burns driving his car on the Dodge Road in Whiting several days prior on July 3 and did not see him return. Wardens responded to that area and began searching. They followed foot tracks until around 7:30 P.M. when they located Burns’s car stuck in a next two nights in an abandoned camp where he found rusty cans of peas and washout in Edmunds Township.Wardens used their siren and soon heard Burns respond for help.Burns told them he spent the first two nights in his car.  He then left a note on the dash of the car that stated he had no idea where he was and that he was going to try to walk out of the woods. Burns said he spent the baked beans. Wardens say Burns was glad he didn’t have to resort to dog food, which was all that was left. He was reunited with family Friday night.