Bangor Museum and History Center Celebrates Women with a Social 

The Bangor Museum and History Center helped residents beat the heat today with an ice cream social. The theme of the social was women in the civil war.Visitors enjoyed the new Women and War exhibit from the mid 1800’s. They got to play games from the civil war era. And of course, they enjoyed some homemade ice cream.The event was a fundraising effort to raise money for the museum so they can add even more new exhibits. They wanted to raise money like the sisters of their past.Jennier Pictou, Executive Director of the Bangor Museum and History Center, said, “In December of 1864, they raised over $15,000 in 3 days. Which is almost $220,000 today. So we’re bringing the Bangor Sanitary Commission in a fun way for everyone.They plan to have more of these types of fundrasiers in the up-coming years.