Belfast Business Owners Seeing Boost in Sales 

Summer is typically the busiest time for businesses in our coastal communities. In one city, business owners say things are even better than usual. Things seem to be looking good for the City of Belfast. ” People are finding out about Belfast that may not have wanted to come here five or ten years ago. They’re coming here for the first time and having a great time, and coming back again,” said Thomas Kittredge, Director of Economic Development for the City of Belfast. Kittredge is happy with results from a recent survey given to Belfast business owners. ” They’re doing better this time than they were last year. They’ve been doing better during the holiday season and the summer seasons and they’re very optimistic about the future. They think we’re on the right track and things are going in the right direction,” said Kittredge, referring to survey results. At Bella Books, things are going great. ” The business has been just unbelievable,” said co-owner, Gary Guida. The owners came to Maine from Virginia, and they’re glad they did. ” In the month of December in Belfast, our gross sales were more than the entire year in Virginia, which is incredibly exciting for us,” said Guida. Mary Johnston and Garry Conklin came to Belfast a little more than a year ago. ” As we looked at different spots we found Belfast was the most receptive to business,” said Johnston. Johnston owns Mary Johnston Designs, and Conklin owns Conklin’s Maine Mercantile. Both companies sell only American-made goods. ” This spring and summer has been very good in Belfast. The town is very busy,” said Conklin. The plan for Belfast is to continue to expand what the city has to offer, while make sure business owners and customers keep feeling right at home. ” We want to make sure people can get all the things they need in Belfast, that would be really nice,” said Kittredge. The survey was conducted by Our Town Belfast. To learn more about the organization click here.