Maine Teen Convinces Magazine to Halt Airbrushing of Photos 

A 14-year-old Maine girl has convinced editors at a popular national magazine for teenage girls and young women not to alter photos to make models appear thinner and blemish-free.Julia Bluhm of Waterville started an online petition in April asking Seventeen Magazine to run at least one unaltered photo spread a month. By Tuesday the petition had 84,000 signatures.Seventeen’s Editor-in-Chief Ann Shoket responded to the campaign in the August issue with a letter to readers. She acknowledged the magazine had been contacted by readers who thought it was digitally changing photos.Shoket vowed in the letter that Seventeen will never change the shapes of girls’ bodies or faces.The Morning Sentinel reports that Bluhm said in an online post that the change was “huge victory” and she’s “unbelievably happy.”