Central Maine Couple Needs Help Finding Heirlooms Taken From Their Wedding 

It was a day Joshua and Sara Norton were very much looking forward to. Saturday they were married here in Winslow. “It was just our family, our immediate family,” Sara Norton said on Tuesday.Many couples like to put their own personal touches on their wedding, and the Nortons are no different. Sara Norton noticed a bouquet made of jewelry on the website “Pinterest” that caught her eye and she decided to make her own for her wedding using family heirlooms. “I made it out of a lot of family brooches. It’s my great-grandmother’s, my grandmother’s, my mom’s, some of his family. And then my friends all got me one,” she said.Sarah spent months making her bridal bouquet out of those heirlooms. After the ceremony she set the bouquet down while they had pictures taken. “Getting wrapped up in everything I left it on one of the benches.”She didn’t notice it was gone until the newlyweds got back to their reception about 90 minutes later. “I got home and one of my family members wanted to see it and we left it. That’s when I realized we didn’t have it.”The Nortons raced back to Winslow, but it wasn’t on the bench. They checked with the town office but nobody had turned it in. They’ve checked with local pawn shops and still nothing. They’re hoping whoever found the bouquet on the bench still has it. Sara Norton doesn’t know exactly what the jewelry is worth in dollars, but to her it’s priceless. “Just bring it back. It means a lot to me.”If you know where the bouquet is you can drop it off at the Winslow Town Office, 114 Benton Avenue in Winslow.You can also drop it off at the WABI TV5 Central Maine Bureau located at 97 Main Street in Waterville, no questions asked.You can also give us a call 872-0185 Ext. 13 with any information.