Runners Conquer The Heat In Tour du Lac 

Bright and early this morning, a big group of runners getting out before the heat and humidity reached it’s peak. The 37th annual Tour du Lac going on in Bucksport. 7:30 was the start time for a race even Tim Throckmorton’s run in before. The 10-miler is part of the Sub 5 Road Race Series. Runners young and old were out on the course today. The good thing was…the race started and ended at the Bucksport Community Swimming Pool, so when the finish line was crossed, it was time for a dip! Another unique part of the race was that trophies aren’t handed out to competitors. Instead, they get a jar of jam!The most popular flavor seemed to be Bumbleberry. The people that participate in this race annually say it continues to be very special, year after year.