Boston Based Filmaker is Planning to Make a Feature Film Based on the Book Lost on a Mountain in Maine 

A Boston-based filmmaker is planning a feature film based on the story of Donn Fendler, who as a 12-year-old boy survived nine days lost and alone in the Maine wilderness.Ryan Cook, a Waterville native, plans to audition young actors in Waterville on Thursday to play the role of Fendler in the movie based on the 1992 book “Lost on a Mountain in Maine.”Fendler became separated from other hikers on Mount Katahdin in 1939. While hundreds of volunteers searched in vain for him, Fendler used his Boy Scout training and followed a stream until finally reaching safety.His story was retold last year in a graphic novel called “Lost Trail, Nine Days Alone in the Wilderness.”Now 85, Fendler tells the Morning Sentinel, he hopes the movie will inspire tenacity in children.