Four Arrested in Connection with Corinth Store Robbery 

Four people are charged in connection with a burglary at the A.E. Robinson store in Corinth Friday morning.State police were called around 2 a-m.According to authorities security footage revealed a pick up truck intentionally backing through the front doors.Two people reportedly went in the store and stole cigarettes and lottery tickets.State police later found the truck on fire.Authorities determined it was reported stolen earlier in the week from Kaufman Motors in Corinna, and the fire was intentionally set. Later Friday morning, state police reportedly found three of the suspects in the burglary, in Auburn.28-year old Robert Mason of Corinna 26-year old Rosemary Peterson of Exeter are both charged with burglary, and theft.Mason was also charged with criminal mischief.34-year old Clifford Sprague of Exeter is charged with burglary, theft and criminal mischief, as well as arson, theft of a motor vehicle and violation of condition of release.And 37-year old Michael Chapman of Levant is charged with burglary, theft, criminal mischief and violation of condition of release. Authorities say Chapman also had four outstanding warrants.State police say they recovered much of the stolen goods.