Camp Capella Opens For The Summer Season 

It’s called work for a reason and according to Camp Capella’s Executive Director, Dana Mosher, all that work has paid off.”It all comes down to this day and you just sit back and say wow, we made it again, we’ve got another year, kids are here again with all their smiles and laughter going on..”It’s not always easy…the camp relies on donations.Mosher explains,”Well you know we don’t get any federal dollars, state funding, we don’t get any stimulus packages here.”But the months of fundraising seem to fade away as Camp Capella comes to life.Campers may face physical and developmental disabilities, but at Camp Capella…they’re only defined by one word…kid.Camp Counselor Sam Bedore says “If there’s maybe a game where someone can’t exactly get up from a wheelchair, we give them a bat so they can swing the kick ball. We make sure everyone can do everything.”So whether it’s learning to swim, or making new friends, the experience of Camp Capella seems to extend far longer than a summer season.