Dover-Foxcroft Woman Searching for Missing Pregnant Mare 

Judy Edgerly of Dover-Foxcroft loves all of her animals, but there’s one group that is her pride and joy.”I love horses. I always have,” she said.Before June 12th, you would have found five horses in her backyard.”1:30 in the morning, they got out through the gate. The gate was hooked as far as I could tell, but evidently the latch didn’t fall down into the slot,” explained Edgerly.The horses dashed out onto Route 7. Edgerly and her husband got three of them home safely. One was hit by a truck and had to be put down. But Edgerly couldn’t find the fifth, a pregnant gray arabian mare. She’s been looking for her everyday.She said, “I have searched, my grandson has helped me, we’ve been down there, but we just haven’t found any sign of her at all.”But she’s not giving up, family members and friends helped her out with the search on Friday. As well as some fellow horse lovers who heard about what happened.”Being a horse person myself and always loving them. It’s just what you do when people are in trouble,” said Kelli Richardson of Corinna.All Edgerly wants is to know what happened to the mare.”I want to know where she is, whether she’s alive or whether she’s not. It just kind of settles it, to end this. Every day I wonder if she’s going to show up, or the first few days I did anyway, or is she laying in the woods suffering or something, you know. It’s just awful,” she said.After ten days, she’s prepared herself for the worst.”I need to know exactly what happened, if she’s gone then she’s not suffering anymore,” she said.Edgerly just hopes her continued searching will eventually bring her some closure.If you’ve seen the horse, Edgerly asks that you give her a call at 564-3167.