PCHC Hosts Dental Academy for High School Students 

There’s no better way to know if you’re going to like a career than by giving it a try. Some local high school students are exploring dentistry. For three days, high schoolers are learning what it takes to be in the dental field. ” They really want to learn, what is a dental assistant, what is a hygienist and what is a dentist and what’s the role for each one,” said Nicole Kelley, associate director of provider services for Penobscot Community Health Care. The three-day camp is Penobscot Community Health Care’s Dental Academy. ” It was really nice to see hands-on how they do it and stuff like that,” said Michaela Davis, a senior at Brewer High School.The students get to work with a dummy to do some of the more advanced procedures. ” Doing some fillings and cleaning teeth, things like that,” explained Kelley. They also get out on the floor and job shadow with real patients. ” It was really experiencing the real thing and I really liked it,” said Wes Stinson, a senior at Foxcroft Academy. The kids who attend the camp generally have a strong interest in dentistry. ” This opens my options, make sure this is really what I want to do before I start applying to college,” said Stinson. ” I’m gonna try to aim for being a dental hygienist and then work my way up to become a dentist,” added Davis. It’s more than just a camp for the students, it’s a look into their bright futures. To learn more about the dental academy click here.