Governor’s Restaurant Customers Get Inexpensive Taste of Summer 

There’s isn’t always such a rush during the lunch hour at Governor’s Restaurant in Old Town, but as any customer knows, the summers in Maine can be short lived and it’s better to get a taste of them while you can.”I’m amazed at the size of the lobster roll,” said customer, Anna Thurston. Mixed with a helping of mayonnaise and packed into a bulkie roll, Maine lobster graced just about every plate in the house. The sandwich is a summer staple here in Vacationland that the locals get served up special once a year.”We’re selling $5.52 lobster rolls today,” said restaurant owner, Randy Wadleigh.The deal helps Wadleigh’s business get over the lull of customers they usually see at the end of a school year.”We’ll sell over 10,000 lobster rolls today. So, yeah it’s busy,” said Wadleigh.The price, well, that gives the customers a rush of summer you can only find in Maine.”It’s just wonderful. Fresh, right from the coast,” said customer, June Stafford.