Bangor Company Lands Hollywood Customer 

At W.A. Bean & Sons in Bangor, the company name appropriately compliments their hottest selling item.”Really busy right now making hot dogs,” said president, David Bean. Frankly, come summer, it’s what they’re known for.”Right now, we make about 10,000 lbs. a day,” said Bean.But despite demand, it’s not what’s put them in the spotlight. For that, they can thank a slab of meat they realized there was an appetite for about seven years ago.”People eat it a lot in Scotland. You go to the grocery store in Scotland, you’ll see lots of haggis,” said Bean.The company McKeans of Scotland asked them to start producing it back then.”It’s lamb liver, lamb hearts and the meat,” said Bean.And two weeks ago, a new client came calling from Hollywood. Caterer and celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck wanted an order for the premiere of the new Disney and Pixar movie, Brave.”It’s pretty amazing. We made 35 lbs.,” said Bean. The film is set in Scotland and is centered on a young girl who transforms into a heroine in the way Disney and Pixar can somehow make happen.”In one of the trailers I’ve seen, her mother is telling her to eat her haggis,” said Bean.While the company’s typical customers are probably still a few hotdogs away from hearing that, the order put their franks on the back burner for a moment, and gave Bean a chance to show off what else they’ve got cooking.