Bangor Fire Department Gets New Fire Boat 

The Bangor Fire Department has some new equipment, but you won’t see this one on the streets.The newest addition to the department is a brand new fire boat.The 26-foot boat can carry up to 15 people at a time and will mainly be used for water rescues.Previously, the fire department used a 14-foot raft for water rescues.Over the next several weeks the department will train its firefighters on how to use the new boat. Bangor Fire officials say this boat has many new features, including new cameras, to help discover anyone missing in the water.”A call that comes in at 2 o’clock in the morning, somebody has seen someone fall off the bridge in driving rain or it’s foggy. You can turn on that camera and see that heat source in the water,” said Bangor Assistant Fire Chief, Scott Bostock.The boat cost about $184,000.Bostock hopes to have the boat in the water next week.