Bangor Girl’s Lemonade Stand Helps to Fight Hunger 

A cool glass of lemonade is a great way to quench your summer thirst. But a young girl in Bangor hopes to use lots of lemonade to make sure others have something to eat.”This is too nice to drink – this is beautiful.”Despite the beauty, 12-year-old Rya Morrill is hoping lots of people drink her lemonade this summer.Rya’s Luau Lemonade stand was created to take part in a contest called National Lemonade Day, where kids all over the country learn about starting a business. Rya says, “Our first batch was not very good – at all. So we tried to figure out what was missing, so we just added pineapple juice and it made it taste a lot better.””This is excellent, this is excellent. it’s a good cause, too, for ending hunger.”Tina Morrill says, “Her overall goal is to buy her own violin. She’s going to pay back her investor, which happens to be me – hahaha! And then she’s going to be donating 25-percent of her overall profits to the Ending Hunger campaign in Maine.”Rya’s mom, Tina, says her daughter’s already figured out there’s a lot more to mixing a good glass of lemonade than she first thought.”I hope she understands how hard moms, dads, people, single moms, single dads work. And I think doing this program, she’s definitely learned how business works.”Her hard work is even inspiring to customers, like Amanda Saunders.”She’s not the typical kid. She’s out to make a change and I know she’s going to do it.”As for the national contest, Rya’s hoping to squeeze the competition. “I think a lot of people really want to do and than a couple of people are just like uh, I’m just going to do it for money and have a simple little stand. I’m gonna go, I’m trying to go all the way – yeah!”Her mom will drink to that.”She made it this far and she’s done well. She’s a winner to me – that’s all that matters.”Thursday was the final day of sales for Rya before she turns in all of her information for the Lemonade Day contest, which could net her a $2,500 scholarship. But she plans to keep her stand open all summer. You’ll find her in her neighborhood off Moosehead Boulevard in Bangor or maybe some area parks.