Waldo Family Is Feeding It Forward To Help Those In Need 

A family in Belfast isn’t just talking about giving back to their communnity, they’re actualy doing it.It all began after Kari Suderley had a talk with her kids, 11-year-old Morgan and 9-year-old Ethan, about the importance of making a positive impact on their community. Morgan and Ethan took over from there and decided to organize their own fundraiser. “Then we thought, ‘how about the soup kitchen?'” said Morgan. “Everyone has been doing donations so why not do one ourselves?”Of course, starting a Facebook page was the first step. Then they needed a catch phrase and a logo. “We thought something exciting, vibrant, food like, bright. Then we decided to go with our logo ‘Feed it Forward.'”The idea for the slogan “Feed it Forward” came from their own personal experiences. After their father was forced to leave his job due to a disability, the Suderley family relied on help from the Belfast community who made sure they didn’t go hungry. Now that they’re getting back on their feet, Morgan and Ethan Suderley want to give back to the Belfast Soup Kitchen, or in their words, “Feed it Forward.” “Ethan said when we left there, ‘I can’t believe there’s kids there,’ recalled Kari Suderley of a recent trip to the soup kitchen. “It just shows you that anybody can be in need.”Morgan and Ethan said the response from the community has been overwhelming. “At first I thought this would be a normal thing to do for the soup kitchen. Then it got as big as this and I was like, wow!!” said a fired up Ethan.So big in fact, with three weeks to go, Morgan and Ethan have already surpassed their original goal. “Our goal was $200 and 100 pounds of food, but now it’s $500 and 100 pounds of food,” said Morgan.You can find collection jars at both Belfast Variety stores, Perry’s Quick Stop, Jack’s Grocery, Yo Mamma’s, and Shell/Wendy’s. The Suderley’s have a yard sale/bake sale scheduled for June 23rd from 8-12 on Rt. 1 in Belfast one block south of Aubuchon Hardware on Northport Avenue in Belfast. You can find their Facebook page at!/events/326347277442575/