Students Celebrate Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse on New Quarter 

A new quarter is now paying tribute to one of Maine’s most precious jewels. And so are some students in Bass Harbor, proud to show off their hometown lighthouse. For students at Tremont Consolidated School, the latest U.S. quarter to recognize national parks is very personal. As Brianna Butler says, “The lighthouse is in my hometown and now it’s being honored as a quarter.”Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse is the centerpiece of the coin that features Acadia National Park. Now a permanent display, spear headed by the local third and fourth graders, shares that news with the world. Sixth grader Herbie Shaw says, “I think it’s important because they come here and don’t know that much about it. They don’t know how it got picked for this.”In the past two months, the students have done a lot of research about the lighthouse, with help from its owners, the U.S. Coast Guard. “They let each kid go up to the top of the lighthouse and see the views and explained the importance of the lighthouse to the students,” says third grade teacher Crystal DaGraca.”It was cool, it was pretty amazing, too,” says third graders Ethan Wyman and Abigail Strout.Acadia is one of 56 national parks that will eventually be featured on the quarter. Teacher Cindy Herrick says these students are proud to be a part of the celebration. “I hope that someday they bring their families back here when they’re grown and say we made that box. We made this happen.”Now they just hope people don’t rely on a coin to enjoy this breathtaking experience. Butler says, “I would definitely recommend to anybody that came to maine to come to the lighthouse because it’s so beautiful. I guess I take advantage of it.”The Acadia quarter can be purchased, starting today, from the U.S. Mint. The park will host a ceremony to mark the quarter’s roll out on Tuesday, June 26th. It’s from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. at the visitors’ center in Hulls Cove. The Postal Service will also offer a commemorative postmark from noon to 4:30 p.m. that day at the Bar Harbor Post Office on Cottage Street.