Maine CDC Offers Tips to Avoid Carbon Monoxide Poisoning 

As warmer weather slowly makes its way here, one state agency is trying to make sure we all stay safe this summer.The Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention is raising awareness about carbon monoxide poisoning.Health officials say they see a handful of poisonings every year stemming from different summer activities.One of the most common sources of poisoning is propane-powered appliances found at summer camps. CDC officials recommend that camp owners have a CO detector in place near where guests will be sleeping.Favorite summer hobbies like off-roading or boating also pose a risk of poisoning. Drivers who get stuck in mud or water are advised to check the exhaust to make sure it is not blocked. Officials say carbon monoxide can build up to deadly levels inside an enclosed car in just minutes. They also warn anyone taking their boat out in the water steer clear of its exhaust areas, like the back platform. Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning include dizziness or nausea.If you believe you are suffering CO poisoning, CDC officials say to seek immediate medical attention.