Assault Rifle & Handguns Stolen From Waterville Pawn Shop 

Waterville Police are investigating a burglary at a local pawn shop. Police Chief Joe Massey said J.R.’s Trading and Pawn Shop on Elm Street in downtown Waterville was burglarized around 3:00 Monday morning. The thief or thieves threw a rock through the glass in the front door.Massey says say three firearms were stolen, an assault rifle and two handguns. “As of right now we have three weapons out there. Of course that’s always concerning, that stolen firearms are out there,” Massey said Monday morning. “Particularly on the heels of all the pharmacy robberies that we’ve had. We find that a lot of these stolen weapons get used in other crimes.”Waterville Police were on the scene almost immediately. They were joined by Winslow and Oakland Police Departments and a K-9 Unit from the Maine State Police. Authorities searched the area but were unable to find the person or persons responsible.Anyone with information is urged to call Waterville Police at 680-4800.