Ham Fest Brings Together Familar Voices 

Some familiar voices got together Saturday in Hermon to meet some not so familiar faces. Members of the Bangor Chapter of the Pine State Amateur Radio Club took part in Ham Fest. It’s the 25th year for the event, which gives some ham radio operators a chance to see each other for the first time, even though they may have been talking to each other for years. Club members say despite what some think, the ham radio hobby is alive and well and vital to emergency communications. Jerry Burns, the Ham Fest Chairman, says “9-11, when the Twin Towers came down, most of New York City’s communications were gone, so hams came in from all over the Northeast to set up communications links, Katrina, disasters everywhere.”Ham radio operators also help out at lots of community events. Members of the local club are often called to help line up participants for parades in Bangor, like the Memorial Day parade and the 4th of July parade.