Democrats Rally in Augusta at State Convention 

Maine Democrats are rallying in Augusta this weekend at their state convention.Party leaders are hoping to reelect President Obama, replace Olympia Snowe with a Democrat in the U.S. Senate and win back control of the state legislature.Dislike for Governor Paul LePage became a bit of a rallying cry at the convention.Democrats have to gain five seats in the house and three in the senate to retake the majority in the state legislature.House Minority Leader Emily Cain says, “I have worked with the governor on some things and fought with him on a lot more. Putting Democrats back in the majority in the house and senate will mean we’ll have real progress because we’ll have true compromise as we move our state forward.”An advisor to Gvernor LePage responded by saying “The unemployment rate has dropped under Governor LePage. Income taxes are being cut for Maine people and are being eliminated for 70,000 low-income working Mainers, giving them a hand up not just a hand out.The state convention ends Sunday.